Table Rock Kennels is a family affair! It’s operated by Jacob, Keeta and Jaeda(she’s 4) McCracken. We live in Boise, Idaho, where upland bird hunting is second to none. Over 65% of the state is government land giving us more than enough space to train and hunt. There is great diversity here as we can hunt pheasant, chukar, quail and huns in the same day. We also have amazing waterfowl. This type of hunting requires a versatile hunting dog, that’s why we specialize in the German Shorthaired Pointer.

IMG_20151017_103212~2 We strongly believe in bettering the breed so we only breed dogs prior to meeting our quality standards:
OFA Eyes pass
OFA Heart pass
OFA Hips Excellent or Good
Ran in AKC and or NAVHDA Hunt Tests
Both parents will have at least two hunting seasons under their belts

We focus on improving our dogs’ weaknesses and strengthening their strengths over putting puppies on the ground. Testing in AKC and NAVHDA helps us focus on perfecting our breeding program. We cater to the foot hunter who wants a versatile hunting and family companion. We breed field and competition tested shorthairs in order to ensure competence. Besides testing, another way we produce exceptional gun dogs is through targeting pedigrees where recent ancestors have proven hunting abilities. Puppies will be well socialized with children, adults and other dogs before eight weeks of age. We produces quality family and hunting companions!

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